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gothic_petite's Journal

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Hi! I created this community for the petite goth out there. I'm a very small girl myself, and so are the majority of my friends.

And as hard as it may be for people to believe, it's extremely difficult for someone that's a small or extra small to find clothing that they like and fits!

Here everyone that is into alternative fashion can talk about locations and brands that sell/make excellent clothing for petites. Or to share information about auctions/sellers that sell clothing true to what a small really is. ( So many have wasted money on descriptions that claim things fit like a small and don't.)


this community in no way supports eating disorders. this community is for those who are NATURALLY this small.

This community is for anyone who wants to join. Everyone is welcome no matter what size, shape or form. But we would like EVERYONE to follow the rules!


(1) Pictures are welcome, but do keep them at a reasonable size. Post only one picture, if you have more, please place them behind a cut. And if your picture contains any nudity please also place that behind a cut. Some people check their Livejournal at work, and we wouldn't want anyone to get in trouble.

(2) Please do not be rude to fellow members. If you have a personal dispute with someone, take it elsewhere. If you don't like a picture of an outfit, hairstyle or makeup please don't just leave a mean comment. Try and offer constructive critisim.

(3) Auctions (and any direct sales/trade) are not only welcomed here, but encouraged. But please remember that this community is for smaller sized people, so only offer auctions that are related to our sizes. (We don't need auction links to large and extra large clothing).

(4) When posting auctions/sales, you may only post the picture of the item once a month. After that sellers are allowed to repeate posting a link or reminders, but not the image of the item. If a seller has more than one item, the seller is allowed to post a different picture for each item, but again, no more than once. Violators will receive a warning, and the duplicate entry will be deleted. Please do not make the moderator remove you from this community!

(5) This is a fashion community, so feel free to talk about anything fashion related! This includes clothing, shoes, hair, fake fair, makeup and accessories. So please don't post your rants, poems, quiz results or discuss issues with people you are having probelms with (UNLESS it's warning us about a seller/buyer).

If you have any questions, concerns, comments or wish to report a broken rule, please contact the moderator ladyxjade.