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this is a very long massive post!!!!
i am moving house shortly to a smaller place and really need to downsize.
so this is your gain my loss
check all these pretty clothes. :)
mostly in gothy & alternative style and little bit old cyber stuff.


black velour fur trim jacket
black velour fur trim jacket on back
winter jacket with fur trim. fully lined & has pocket in the inside
size M
20 euro / 17 pounds

silver grey fur jacket
silver grey fur jacket on front
silver grey fur jacket on back 
silver grey good quality fur jacket
size: S

cowl angora sweater
cowl off the shoulder mohair top on 2 
cowl angora wool mix sweater
size: S
10 euro / 8.50 pounds

asym skirt with net overlayer
2 layer pointy asym skirt on 
pointy skirt with 2 layers viscose & net
size: M
10 euro /8.50 pounds

one sleeve paisley top
70s mesh top on 
pretty mesh top with red print
size: S/M
10 euro / 8.50 pounds

black chenille scarf 
chenille scarf
5 euro / 4.50 pounds

black glitter hair star 3 (4) 
glitter hair clip from bigou brigite
1 euro / 1 pound

brown chrochet net scarf 
corchet chocolate brown scarf
5 euro / 4.50 pounds

clubbing skull canvas bag front
clubbing skull canvas bag back 
skull canvas clubbing bag.
can be added to belt as a hip bag.
27 x 25 cm
used many times, but still lots of life left
5 euro / 4.50 pounds

coolcat capris front
coolcat capris back 
steampunk capri pants with loads of lovely details
from coolcat
marked at XS but fitted me at one stage as an S
they are made from cotton/ elastan mix for good fit.
20 euro / 17 pounds

criminal colbert front on
criminal colbert back on
criminal colbert 
blazer jacket from criminal in black cotton marked at XS
but certainly bigger more S to M
10 euro / 8.50 pounds

cyber arm warmers blue eye
cyber arm warmers blue eye on 
cyber sleeves
5 euro / 4.50 pounds

distressed crochet top
distressed crochet top on front 
thrashed crochet top from cotton
size: M
10 euro / 8.50 pounds

distressed skull arm warmers
distressed skull arm warmers on 
slashed distressed goth punk sleeves
5 euro / 4.50 pounds

dragon top
dragon top detail 
dragon top 
size: M
5 euro / 4.50 pounds

fornarina neck tie top blk
fornarina neck tie top 
very pretty & classic neck tie top from Fornarina
the pictures don't do it justice.
it's got little satin buttons at the waist with a ruffled belt attached and the sleeves
are puffed with a long cuff
size: S
from stretchy cotton material
15 euro / 12.50 pounds

fornarina wrap skirt dark grey
fornarina wrap skirt grey 
very cute charchoal grey wrap skirt from Fornarina
size: S
10 euro / 8.50 pounds

fur bodice style top blk lace
lace bodice fur trim on 
awesome little bodice with long fluffy fur round the neck
it's made from holey lace and charcoal cotton underlayer
size: S
15 euro / 12.50 pounds

furry sweater black
furry jumper & grey denim mini 
very soft & comfy furry winter sweater
size: M
5 euro /4.50 pounds

garnet bracelet 
garnet bracelet
5 euro / 4.50 pounds

grey slash top  cotton
grey cotton slash top on 
slashed grey cotton stretch top
size: XS
10 euro / 8.50 pounds

grey denim mini
furry jumper & grey denim mini 
grey stretch denim mini
size: M
5 euro / 4.50 pounds

h&m brown velvet jacket
h&m brown velvet jacket side 
H&M stretch cotton bronzey brown jacket
was meaning to something steampunk with it, but never got around to it.
10 euro / 8.50 pounds

h&m cotton & lace dress
h&m cotton and lace dress on
h&m cotton & lace dress detail 
very pretty H&M cotton & antique lace dress with puffed sleeves
size: M
10 euro / 8.50 pounds

pirate skirt cotton netting
h&m pirate net layer skirt 
H&M pirate skull skirt cotton with tulle underlayer
marked size: S but runs bigger at M
10 euro / 8.50 pounds

h&m skull flock circle skirt
h&m skull mini on 
H&M very cool flock print skull mini
from stretchy cotton
size: S
10 euro / 8.50 pounds

h&m organic cotton scarf beige
h&m dress & organic cotton scarf 
H&M organic cotton cream white scarf with pretty lace details
5 euro / 4.50 pounds

keyhole snake top on 
keyhole snake print top
size: S
10 euro / 8.50 pounds

scavenger voodoo snake skirt back 
cyber punk snake print skirt with cool details
size: M
10 euro / 8.50 pounds

leg warmers fluffy black
leg warmers fluffy blk on
small legwarmers in black fluff
used quiet a bit, i loved these, they are more like a big long sock, they don't look too bulky and are more suited
for delicate shoes.
5 euro / 4.50 pounds

leg warmers knit blk tie
leg warmers knit blk tie on 
black knit legwarmers.
they have elastic at the top & bottom for a great ruffle effect
and a lace up detail on the sides.
5 euro / 4.50 pounds

leo furry earwarmers 
cute furry leopard ear warmers
5 euro / 4.50 pounds

leo jacket colbert
leo blazer on 2 
leopard cotton stretch jacket blazer
size: S
15 euro / 12.50 pounds

long fishtail cotton skirt
long fishtail cotton skirt on back
long fishtail cotton skirt on front 
long fishtail skirt in black thick cotton stretch with a stunning cut
at the waist
and 2 slits on each side till about calf height
size: S (36)
10 euro / 8.50 pounds

millitary top detail
military top on 2
military top on 
awesome military pinstripe top from stretchy viscose & leatherlook
size S

mustard seed acid wash jacket side on
mustard seed acid wash jacket
jacket with puffed sleeves made from thick stretch cotton
and acid wash print
from Mustard Seed
marked at size S but runs big. hence i am selling this.
15 euro / 12.50 pounds

neon orange maxi lace 
neon orange cyber tubing
100 yrds / 91 meters

neon pink fleece scarf 
neon pink fleece scarf
5 euro / 4.50 pounds

pink magenta leo scarf 
pink magenta leopard soft scarf
5 euro / 4.50 pounds

turquoise arm warmers mesh on
turquoise arm warmers mesh 
turquoise mesh sleeves
4 euro / 3 pounds

zara grey summer top on
zara grey cotton distrss gilet 
grey distressed light cotton gilet from Zara
size: M
5 euro / 4.50 pounds

wool arm warmers 
wool sleeves with ragged details
5 euro / 4.50 pounds

wine red stocking top
wine red stocking lace top on 
wine red lace & stretch top
size: S
5 euro / 4.50 pounds

open side red orange pattern dress on
open side red orange pattern dress detail 
red pinkish dress with subtle swirly print and sexy side detail.
size: S

red strap sleeve bolero red
red strappy sleeve bolero 
red bolero with lots of strap details
size: S

red lace push up bra 
red lace push up bra with gel thingies inside
for mega cleavage
size 85 B / 38 B
5 euro / 4.50 pounds

red glitter fimo hair star 
handmade fimo glitter hair clip

pixy lace points dress
tatter lace dress on 2 
tatter lace dress on 
super pretty stretch lace net mesh goth witchy tatter dress
size: M
75 B
25 euro / 20 pounds

pinstripe leggings 
pinstripe legging with lace edging
size: S

pixy mini skirt 
cute pixy tatter mini skirt with short slit over one leg.
size: S

distressed grey lace leggings
distressed grey lace leggings on 
distressed grey lace legging
one size
5 euro / 4.50 pounds

whateva distress one sleeve top
whateva distress one sleeve top on 
distressed one shoulder top
size: M

red black leo sweater
red black leo top on 
red & black leopard sweater made from
viscose stretch mix
size: S

red tie dye mini on 
longer on one side mini in red & black
Size: M

cut out red cotton top front
cut away top red cotton fleece 
unusual cut out top with clippy straps in cotton fleece
size: S
i used to love this top so used quiet a bit but still lots of life left.
10 euro / 8.50 pounds

fingerless gloves blk
fingerless gloves 
real leather gloves in black
size M

red & black fluffy hoodie nieska 
cute fleece and fur trim jacket
size: M

glitter sleeve tie front bolero 
wrap around cotton & lace bolero
size: S
10 euro / 8.50 pounds

leo zebra wetlook arm warmers grey 
wetlook leo sleeves in greysilver tones

green snake print dress
snake print open shoulder dress on 
pretty snake print dress with open shoulders in green tones
size: S

soho demin mini on
soho jeans mini back 
stretch denim mini
size: S
5 euro / 4.50 pounds

hot iron finish 
hair straightener

jewellery box
jewellery box inside
jewellery box inside 2 
barbie style beauty case / jewellery box
there is some bleaching from the sun on the pink parts inside.o
otherwise still great.

mac frost 2 
mac frost sample

mac vintage gold 
mac vintage gold pigment sample

steamer unp 
brandnew boxed steamer for making dreads
20 euro / 17 pounds

neon green cyber skirt 
neon green cut away cyber skirt
size: S

pink fur bodywarmer 
neon pink fur body warmer
size: S

pixy gloves 
pixy gloves

purple sunglasses 
sunglasses purple

sinister gloves 
oh so pretty gothy gloves

stut sandals 
real suede sandals by vila
size 4 / 37

bug rucksack inside
bug rucksack
bug rucksack back
bug rucksack damage 
at last but not least the glorious craig morrison bug bag.
fits A4 folders, so it's pretty big
more like a rucksack weekend bag.
there is some small damages to the rubber spikes as shown on last pic
possibly can be fixed by somebody handy with rubber?
i am only taking GOOD offers please. :)
few years back this cost new 175 euro

that's it for now
please mail me for questions, measurements or postage.
i can ship all over the world.

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Hello! How much are you selling the military pinstripe top for? And how much for shipping to Australia? :)
29 euro for the top (it's never been worn) and was expensive from local goth shop
postage 5,70 euro for normal package mail.
insured mail also possible but much more expensive.
are you still interested? :)
are you still interested in this? :)
Sorry it's taken me so long to respond! I think I'll leave it this time. Not because of the price (which is extremely reasonable!) but because I remembered that I have tried on a top in a similar style before. Because I have small boobs, they tend to gape on me. But thank you very much for getting back to me :)
no problem i understand :)